How to Effectively Use Token Boards for Kids with Autism

Getting Started with Autism is a sweet little packet that includes things I wish I had when I first started working in a behavioral autism program.  Token boards are a very effective tool for working with kids with autism. So, of course I want to share it with you!

What is Included?

Even if you have experience working with kids on the autism spectrum, there is always something to learn. This packet of basic visuals and tips to get you started is a really useful tool. Speech therapists, special educators, and parents can use these.

autism, speech therapy, special education, autism, free downloadsIt includes 4 different themed token boards and some BONUS visuals, too.  The tips are practical and clinican tested.  They come from taking many classes and from years of therapy experience.

How do I use token boards?

If you have never used a token board before, they help your students see how much work they have to do. It also has a place that shows what they are working for, or their reinforcer. Using 10 tokens is a standard set up.

When you get started you only want to use the number of tokens that will ensure a positive experience for your student. If your student has a very short attention span, you may want to start with 1 token/answer.

You want your students to see that the goal is providing 10 responses before they get reinforcement time. So you put 9 of the tokens into the picture and only leave the 10th token on the bottom for them to respond. It would look like this picture.

farm token board, autism free download, printable, tipsThe first time you use a token board, start with an easy task that they already know. This helps the token board use to be  easy and successful right from the start. Then, you work with your students to build up the amount of responses/tokens they need to be able to get their reinforcement time.

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