How to Not Make these 5 Conversation Building Mistakes

Do you want a life without conversations? No way! We probably can’t even count how many conversations we have in a day. So try to imagine what life is like without this skill. That is the life of many of our students with autism. Then, get started with conversation building. But do not make these 5 mistakes that I did!
autism, conversation, assessment, printables, activities, speech therapy, special educationDaily life functioning is affected when our students can’t have a conversation. And it isn’t always easy to build conversation skills!

What are the 5 mistakes?

1.  Using imitative skills to have “conversations” which went nowhere.

2.  Getting rote ‘I like/What do you like?’ interchanges only.

3.  Prompting with ‘say’ and ‘ask.’  This results in students getting confused about what is expected of them.

4. Prompting responses verbally. My students ended up talking to me and not with each other!

5. Teaching students to have conversations only when prompted or on their favorite topics.

I knew that there must be a way to build conversation skills visually and avoid these issues. But it took me years of trial and error before I came up with these methods. They really worked for my students on the autism spectrum. You can have the same success that I did! The clinician tested therapy materials are available here.
I’m thrilled beyond measure that there are students out there making progress in conversation skills that I had a part in helping!

See what happy buyers at my TpT store said:

“What a wealth of resources! The variety of books, games, and worksheets really offer a ton of ideas for therapy.”

“So many great activities and materials for conversations!”

“These are great packets. Great visuals. Simple enough for almost any age/skill level. I really like the way each of these activities are presented and my kids enjoy them as well.”

“I have been struggling to make/come up with activities for these skills, this bundle is going to be SO helpful in my sessions. THANK YOU!”

autism, conversation, free, download, assessment, speech therapy, special educationThis FREE Getting Started with Conversation Guide  will help you assess current student status, plan therapy,  and measure progress. Priceless!
All you have to do to get this amazing FREE Getting Started with Conversation Guide is click here. Provide your email address so you can get the LLL monthly email. Each month it will have a link to more helpful printables. So be sure to open it!
conversation activities for autism, speech therapy, special educationAre you stressed for time? Are you too busy to create your own materials?  The Conversation Guide is so useful, you will want to check out the therapy materials that go with it.
This thorough bundle is full of a multitude of engaging activities for differentiated instruction. There are tons of skill-building activities, printable games, worksheets, homework, books, and fun conversation activities. You will have plans and activities for the year!

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