Easy Tips for Making the Most of Less than Desirable Spaces

Easy Tips for Making the Most of Less than Desirable Spaces

Use this free editable binder label download to brighten up your speech therapy room!

Making the most of the less than desirable space you have to work in requires two unusual jobs that you probably never thought were part of being a school speech therapist- mover and interior decorator! Of course, we wear lots of hats all year long but these are the two that we start the year off with. The MOVER SLP unpacks all of the boxes that either were stored in closets for floor cleaning or went home to a garage while waiting to find out the next year’s work location. The INTERIOR DECORATOR SLP tries to make the best of the sometimes crazy space that is the speech room this year. (Did you miss the Worst Speech Rooms Ever? Find out if your story beats all!)

TIPS for Making the Most of an Awful SpaceUse this free editable binder label download to brighten up your speech therapy room!

  • Get pretty, functional containers to store your stuff in. It will make you happier and be easier to move if you get offered a better space!
  • Look for a sale and buy a pretty sheet to cover up whatever the grunge is that you are dealing with! They are easy to hang up with a rope and clothespins, can create privacy, and give you a bulletin board space.
  • Get your table/desk clean and cover it with contact paper if you can’t.
  • Put up a poster window if you are in a closet.
  • Get to be friends with the teachers you work with and mooch! They may be willing to share some stuff they aren’t using that year as long as you PROMISE to return it. Then be sure to schedule Some of their more difficult students for the first makeup slots you have.
  • Make binders for storing your materials more attractive with these free, editable binder labels.

TIPS for Organizing your Year

As you are unpacking, why not figure out a way to get more organized? Here are some tips this blog’s readers had to share:

Tatiana shared that you should be sure to have highlighters for color coding and lots of sticky notes!

Annie says that she makes back to school less overwhelming by spending 5-10 minutes prepping every day during the summer.

Ashley devised a spreadsheet for her caseload including minutes, goals, and IEP dates to be sure that no one is missed when she schedules. Another bonus is that the info is easy to share!

Kate responded, “My organization tip is to START EARLY. The time you spend at the end of May pre-organizing for fall is so worth it! Stock depleted forms, update data sheets, double check your roster and assessment log.”

Have a less than desirable speech room? Try one of these tips!

Sharing THERAPY ROOM Photos

This is how some of the blog readers did it!

Taking a little time to make your therapy space your own is so important! Walking into work with something that makes you smile is the best way to start the day. And, if you are comfortable in your space, you will foster interactions with your students that help them feel comfortable there, too.

Annie makes the most of her bulletin board space by having her supplies ready to grab. Great idea!

Kim works in a school, but she painted her desk to give it a bright and cheery look!
Personalizing a bit of your workspace can make it feel cozier.

Kate is excited to share her beautiful, new therapy room now that she is in private
practice.  After being in schools and dealing with whatever room she was assigned to, she now has her own gorgeous space. All of us with school experience understand why she is so thrilled!

What do you do to make the most of your space?

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