Problem Solving Freebie- Turning Homework In

Problem Solving Freebie – Turning Homework In

Do your students have get into situations that they can’t handle? Are their responses limited to “It’s NOT fair!” or explaining why they were right over and over again? Read along for a problem solving freebie for your arsenal.

Pull social skills together with this free unit from Looks Like Language.

This is a normal stage of development for young children and between 8 to 12 years, according to Robert Selman. The ability to take another’s perspective should develop when students are exposed to it culturally, socially or educationally. There’s an interesting, easy to read article about this here.

Just like other language skills, our language impaired students are likely to need more direct teaching and more practice to attain this skill. If your students need some work in this area, you might be interested in trying out one of my newest freebies! 

The Getting Work Done unit from the Perspective Taking and Problem Solving series encourages students to think and discuss the common problem of being organized. What happens when you don’t get your homework turned in? Talk about it, and complete the problem solving worksheets, from different perspectives. Try it out! It is FREE! Just click here.

Enjoy! Linda

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