A Letter to Me- As a New SLP!

A Letter to Me- As a New SLP!

What would you say to yourself as a new SLP? Join The Frenzied SLPs!

I hope you are getting close to summer vacation!

I’ve joined up with The Frenzied SLPs this week for an exciting linky – what would you write to yourself as a new SLP? This group has so many great ideas!

My days of being new are long gone, so my letter is… Well, go read it and find out!

Looks-Like-Language- A letter to myself!

Dear (just starting out) Linda@Looks-Like-Language,


Don’t be so scared! Take the plunge! You will learn so much from every student you work with and do some good besides (for almost every one of them. Some people just don’t want to get help or to change, and that is okay since you tried.)

There will be more changes in your career than you are comfortable with, but it will keep you flexible and learning! Good thing is you will never be bored.

You will gain so many skills and be happy that you made the choice to stay in this field instead of your other major- psychology. But that was a great choice for a double major since so there is so much counseling in speech/language therapy, believe it or not!


There are so many wonderful people in this career and so many choices of how to practice! It is a fulfilling career that can change as you change to meet your needs. You go for it, girl!


Best wishes,

The (ready to retire) Linda@Looks-Like-Language


What advice would you give to yourself as a new SLP?

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