How to Organize and Save Time- 3 SLP Tips

Organization Saves Time- 3 SLP Tips

Organized? Yes, please!

Why? It saves you time in the long run and reduces frustration, at least for me! Thanks to the Frenzied SLPS for another great topic. Here are 3 quick and easy tips to get your


Organization is crucial for me since I hate wasting time trying to find things I need. Whether you are at home planning for the next day, with kids, dinner, and laundry waiting for you, or at school with a ton of paperwork to do, who wants to spend time thinking of all those things feeling frustrated while trying to find what you need?


Add to that the fact that I have worked in many schools over many years, accumulating materials for students from 13 months to 19 years old, and moving my stuff from school to home to school almost yearly…. Well, you can see that I have had a lot of reasons and a lot of practice getting organized!

First Organization Tip


It is oh-so-easy to do and has saved me many times. When you print your first, beautiful clean copy of a worksheet, take a yellow highlighter and write your initials in the top right corner. It won’t show up when you photocopy. Resist the temptation to ever use it- that mark lets you know that it is the original and, possibly, your last copy.


Second Organization Tip

Page protectors! For many years, I stored all of my photocopies in file folders in filing cabinets.  Then, I started to change jobs and move everything home regularly. I found that I could store more in the same space if I got rid of all of the file folders and recycled the extra copies. Take a page protector and place all of your highlighted beautiful worksheets for the same skill in that page protector.


Then, take all of these page protectors, for example, plurals, possessives, verb tenses, etc. and put them in a binder marked  Syntax. Easy to do, right? A thin binder will fit in a filing cabinet as easily as a file folder and when you have a syntax goal-heavy caseload that year, all you have to do is pull out that binder and see what you want to photocopy.


Third Organization Tip

What about when you find out that you have only that last, beautiful yellow highlighted copy left and no time to get to the photocopy machine? Reusable pockets and dry-erase markers to the rescue!I use these often since it saves on photocopying and my students like being able to choose the color they want to use for the work. They manage to get a little free drawing time in, too, while I am helping the other students in the group or recording data.


Did you find any of these tips helpful?

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