5 Dollar Store Must-Haves for SLPs!

5 Dollar Store Must-Haves for SLPs!

There are so many great finds at the Target Dollar Store! Do you shop there? If not, maybe these 5 Dollar Store Must-Haves will convince you to give it a try! Shopping at the dollar store can make your SLP life so much easier! 

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I’ve made so many purchases from the Dollar Store to organize my therapy room, provide student prizes, and find fun, inexpensive materials for therapy. I really had to think about what to include so this post wouldn’t be too long. Here’s what I decided on:


Organizing Materials

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The $1 dollar binders have such pretty colors. Pop your TpT games and spinners in a page protector. Store the game cards in a plastic zip bag and stick them in with the game. Put all of this in one of the pretty binders and you are ready to grab it and go! See how easy? and I love how easily they fit on a shelf or in a filing cabinet. Pictured is the game board from my Talk About ‘SH’ Spring packet.

or My Students


I love having basic supplies that I need for every session within easy reach. A cute basket can hold whatever you need on your table and make it easy for students to pass around. My go-to items include a small dry erase board, varied colors of dry erase markers so students have choices, small make-up sponges for erasers, and of course, the basic pens, pencils, erasers and scissors in a cup.  All of the containers came from the Dollar Store. 


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TIP: Be sure to keep your permanent markers stored somewhere else! If a student uses the wrong marker, just write over the permanent marker and erase while wet. After few tries, the permanent marker will erase.


Just for Me!


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Don’t we deserve a treat, too?  I couldn’t resist this cute little colored corkboard to keep my To-Do items on. It is small, so I can hang it up right near me while I work. That way, at the end of the day, my notes of what I need to get out, copy or prepare before the next session will be in one spot. The binder clips are cute for hanging small items that get lost easily, too!


Fun and Inexpensive:

Check out this 100-day poster! My students love big board games and this fits the bill! Just change ‘days’ to ‘sounds’ and your students can race their way to 100 productions! I’d play to let them keep moving their cute little vehicles (Dollar Store erasers!) on space for every correct sound production at whatever level they are working on. When they make a mistake, they have to stop there for the next student to take a turn. Can anyone make it to 100 before time is out?


100 articulation trials

Check out the erasers in this picture. They make great game pieces! (They are lousy erasers, though!)




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While I have tried many prizes from the Dollar Store, these are the all-time favorite with my older kids. They come in varied colors, with some even having their own carrying case. I only give out prizes about once a quarter, and with my caseload,  it is very much worth the money I’ve spent to have a daily point system that lets them work toward a prize!


I’m sure you’ve shopped there, too! Do you ever walk out without spending at least $10? Maybe more? What is your favorite purchase? 

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