How to Deal with Problem Situations- Plus a Freebie!

How to Deal with a Common Problem Situation – Turning Homework In

Children have to deal with problem situations all day long. Kids do better dealing with problem situations when they have good perspective-taking skills. It helps them realize that they need to think about how their actions affect others. Understanding that their actions have consequences can go a long way toward helping kids make appropriate choices.

Do your students get into problem situations that they can’t handle? Are their responses limited to “It’s NOT fair!” Or maybe they keep explaining why they were right over and over again? Maybe they don’t understand your perspective of what is wrong. You can help them learn to make better choices in problem situations and gain the language skills to talk about it!

Picture of a worksheet from the free download: Problem Solving and Perspective Taking

Use Perspective-Taking Skills to Handle Problem Situations

Young children between 8 to 12 years are still developing perspective-taking skills, according to Robert Selman. Students need to be exposed to perspective-taking culturally, socially, or educationally. So let’s help them at school! Read this interesting, article about developing perspective-taking here.
Also, be sure to check out how to develop perspective-taking skills while improving literacy.

Just like other language skills, our language-impaired students likely need more direct teaching and practice to attain perspective-taking skills to solve problems. But don’t address the issue when emotions are high. Students make more progress in the classroom when the SLP

  • keeps in close contact with the teacher.
  • uses real-life situations.
  • works on improving communication skills when students are calm.

You can download this freebie if your students need help!

Getting Work Done

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Download the free Getting Work Done mini unit!

The Getting Work Done unit from the Perspective Taking and Problem-Solving series encourages students to discuss the common problem of being organized. What happens when you don’t get your homework turned in? They also get practice thinking about why their actions can upset teachers or peers. You can provide them with the language they need to talk about it. Discuss the pictures and complete the problem-solving worksheets, from different perspectives. Try it out! It is FREE when you sign up for the LLL newsletter.

Be sure to check out the complete Problem Solving and Perspective Taking series since you will save money with the bundle! Just look at all of the common problem situations you will be able to address with your students as you build language skills!

  • Making choices when angry
  • Putting forth effort
  • Invading personal space
  • Being able to concentrate
  • Getting your work done
  • Working together
  • Destroying others’ property
  • Hurting others
  • Inappropriate language

What Can SLPs Do to Help?

Students with learning difficulties often have great difficulty dealing with problem situations. And none of us do well at it while experiencing strong emotions! So the best way to learn is to discuss problem situations while students are calm. But they can learn the language needed to be able to talk about the problem with their classmates and teachers. Practice thinking ahead to figure out why others are upset and varied alternatives for solving the problem.

Then, when your students are in a problem situation, they will be better equipped to deal with it!

Enjoy the free download!

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