Speech Teletherapy and Distance Learning

Speech Teletherapy and Distance Learning :

A Growing Blog Post!

I love creating materials for speech teletherapy and distance learning. Boom cards are my favorite platform because of the interaction possibilities. But I’m learning how to use Google docs and make interactive PowerPoint slides, too. It is important now because of Covid 19, but I also love that it reduces our impact on the world. Less paper, ink, and lamination means less garbage.

Have you been plunged into the world of teletherapy? Full of questions that you don’t know the answer to? I share that feeling!

While I don’t do teletherapy, I do like to help you! And when I get asked a question at my TpT store, I want to be able to answer it. Sometimes I don’t know the answer right away. Then, I go looking for it in case I get asked again.

But how can I share those answers when you’ve already read my apology response? So, I decided to write this post. This is a growing blog post for answers to your questions about speech teletherapy and distance learning.

As I get asked questions, I am going to search for answers. Luckily, I have a group of friends who are teletherapy pros, so I will refer you to them! The important thing is that you get the help you need!

So, as you add a question about speech teletherapy and distance learning in the comments, or I get asked questions in my Q&A section, I will add the answers I find here. Ready? Save this post if you want to find it again easily.

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speech teletherapy questions, distance learning
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How do I even get started with teletherapy?

Here I will refer you to Stacy Crouse. This blog post has a roundup of her posts . This will let you click on the exact information you are looking for!

What about all of the different platforms we have to use?

Sarah Wu at Speech is Beautiful has an extremely helpful blog and a YouTube channel. Choose your best platform! She gives specific information about how to use varied platforms in speech teletherapy. She is also working on a video training course to help you through this. Check it out at her blog.

Can my students fill out worksheets online?

Yes, they can! I refer you here to Donna at Badger State Speechy. Read her post about how to use digital annotation on Google with an app called Kami.

What about if I want to share a few pages from a PDF with parents?

Get the answer to this one on Badger State Speechy’s YouTube channel.

Can games be used online for teletherapy?

Stacy shows you a way to do just that using Adobe for distance learning.

Is there a place where I can get support for teletherapy?

Be sure to join the Facebook group SLPs Go Digital! You will be able to ask questions and learn from experienced teletherapists. You will also learn that there are many others in the same distance learning boat.

How can I get help with BOOM Cards?

Join the Facebook group above to get tips from other SLPs. Check out the BOOM Cards YouTube channel to see all of the steps. Or you can go to their support area. Check the FAQ’s and articles first. Then, email the support desk if you still need help.

What about if I have a specific problem with one BOOM Card deck?

First, go to Q&A section of the TpT seller to explain your problem. You can often get the help you need there, especially if it relates to a problem in the deck itself. The hardworking SLPs in the digital group will appreciate it if you ask a question before giving low ratings. And if they are tech issues, we can’t control that at all!

How can I tell if a deck is right for my student?

All BOOM cards have a FREE 4 card preview. Try out a preview at the end of a session with your student and see how it goes! The greatest deck in the world may still not be the right way to learn for your particular student. You are the best judge of that.

Are there any free book resources available?

Here I will refer you to The Speech Serenade. If you have Amazon Prime, she explains how to use your Prime Reading subscription through the Kindle app to read children’s books online. And you don’t need to have a Kindle to do it!

What do I do if I have technical problems?

Stacey at My Teletherapy Room has some answers for you!

Can I share a PowerPoint slide as my background?

If you use Zoom, the answer is yes! Sign up for the Beta.

What do I need to know if I’m just getting started?

As always, my friend Stacy has lots of great suggestions. Check out her blog post on starting teletherapy for slps.

What about if I have another teletherapy question?

Feel free to ask your questions in the comments. I’ll be happy to add helpful questions and possible answers to this post!

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