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Did you ever ask yourself these WH? If so, you are in the right place to get help!

Did you ever ask yourself these WH questions? 
(SLPs just love WH questions!)

~ WHO do they think I am, a super power? There is SO MUCH to do!
~ WHAT can I do to bring these students with diverse needs into a cohesive group?
~ WHEN am I going to get all of the materials that I need prepared? I want a life outside of work!
~ WHERE was the grad school course to teach me all of this?
~ HOW will I ever help my students to make progress? They have so many needs!
~ WHY did I think this was going to be rewarding? Right now, I’m just stressed!

If you have, you aren’t alone! And you are in the right place to get some help!

Managing the varied responsibilities of an SLP can definitely be both achievable and rewarding, especially with a little help from a friend! It always helps to know that we aren’t alone in how we feel, and there’s nothing like a friend to talk to. 

Everything is better with a little help from a friend!

Can you imagine me as that friend?

After 35+ years as a school SLP, working with many ages, severity levels and disabilities, there’s a good chance that I have worked through problems that are similar to the ones you are currently facing! Or, if I haven’t personally faced it, I’ve probably brainstormed with a fellow SLP or a special education teacher about visuals and strategies to help solve that problem.

While I have to admit that I am excited that I have retired from my school system after so many years, I am equally excited about having more time to help YOU

Let's brainstorm solutions together at Looks Like Language!

I just love it when one of my readers reaches out to me for ideas!

I am dedicated to helping both children and fellow SLPs and passionate about using visuals and strategies to help diverse learners achieve their communication potential.

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Do you want to know a little more about me? 

* I’m an introvert, so starting to blog was hard for me!
* I love creating materials! I have done it my entire career, but when I started TpT I didn’t even know how to use PowerPoint. For real. But I’ve learned!
* When I’m not creating materials for SLPs, I’m creating quilts.
* I really have a name! I just retired from school to work on my store full time, so now  I can tell you! I’m Linda Silver, M.A. CCC/SLP and I’ve been a certified speech/language pathologist for over 35 years.
* I’m married to a kind, brilliant man who cooks incredible meals for me. I have two amazing (of course!) adult children and I feel blessed that they have chosen such special people to be in their lives. 
* I’m grateful for the opportunity you’ve given me. By visiting my blog, you let me continue to help students all over.  Rewarding! Just like I said.  🙂

Hi! I'm Linda at Looks Like Language, helping you effectively build communication skills with visuals and strategies!

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