5 Easy, Fun Ways to Jazz Up Bingo this Halloween

5 Easy, Fun Ways to Jazz Up Bingo this Halloween

Older elementary to middle school students love it when you jazz up bingo by using creepy little Halloween doodads. You know, the kind you can buy in bags at Target’s Dollar Spot at the Dollar Store. They add that 3-dimensional element of play that kids this age still secretly love (but won’t always admit to.) Just make the toys have a bit of Halloween horror and it is more than acceptable!  Check out these 5 easy, fun ways to jazz up your bingo games this Halloween.

This activity is fun and easy to do. Just save and wash some divided plastic containers with compartments.  The photos show empty ravioli containers, but some cookie boxes have them, too.

Find some fun and slightly creepy Halloween toys that can be tossed, like the spiders and eyeballs in the photo.  Then be creative in ways to play! Try out these fun ideas.

Inference Toss

  • Students listen to the description on a task card and toss their toy as soon as they have made an inference about what it is.
  • If their Halloween item lands on the answer, it stays there.
  • If no one lands on the correct answer, the card goes back in the deck to try again and the students remove their incorrectly tossed  Halloween toys.
  • Play continues until the first student has 3 in a row.
  • If time runs out, the student with the most items on the game boards wins.

Use Your Language

Students toss first and then correctly define, describe, or use the vocabulary word in a sentence in order to keep their Halloween item in the game.

Halloween  ‘Bump’

  • Each student needs their own color/type of Halloween tossable toy.
  • Students provide a correct response for whatever they are currently working on before tossing.
  • All tossed Halloween items stay wherever they land unless someone’s Halloween item lands on top of them.
  • Then the first Halloween item in the space gets bumped back to the student. The first person to get the designated number in a row wins.

Fun plastic Halloween toys to toss keep even your older students engaged! Fun game ideas from Looks Like Language.

Rapid Naming Race

Students start their Halloween toy in a corner of the board and have to move across the rows (or up and down the columns) to get to the other side to win.

Individualize what students are naming dependent upon their goals.

 Ideas include:

  • Name the item and 2 things that go with it.
  • Tell 3 words that describe the pictured item.
  • Name 4 things that the Halloween item is used for/can do.
  • Name 2 rhyming words for that item.
  • Use it in a sentence to answer this question.

Students have 15 seconds to provide the answer correctly and move to that pictured space. If they don’t respond correctly, it is the next students’ turn.  If someone else lands on your Halloween game marker, they have to go back one space. The first student to get to the opposite side of where they started is the winner.

Halloween Task Cards Play

  • Each student gets their own Halloween picture compartment board.
  • The desired set of task cards, whether WH question cards, riddles, inferences or quotes gets placed in front of each player.
  • Students take turns reading a card and covering the picture if they are correct.
  • If incorrect, the task card goes back on the bottom of the pile to replay.
  • The first student to fill their game board wins.

Using task cards with a fun game makes it easy to individualize to your students’ needs. You can have students responding to completely different kinds of work while they all feel that they are doing the same thing since the activity is shared. The pictured Halloween bingo task card sets make this so easy to do. Just click to check out all of the engaging activities one packet lets you do!

Do you know the best thing about these bingo ideas? They can get used for any holiday as long as you have pictures and fun little toys to toss. Or use them at any time with springy little balls!  What can you come up with to jazz up your bingo games this Halloween … or any other holiday?


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