3 Easy End of the School Year Tips- Plus a FREE Download!

3 Easy End of the School Year Tips- Plus a FREE Summer Homework Calendar for Autism!

The end of the school year is upon us! Keep your momentum going with these 3 easy end of the school year tips.  AND a FREE homework calendar that is geared toward keeping your students with autism or limited verbal communication skills communicating in daily routines.  Best of all? The free home practice calendar can be used all year long, too!

Whether you are finishing up in May or in June, you are probably noticing that your students are getting a bit antsy with the change in weather. Nice weather makes us all want to be outside!

Recently I read somewhere that teachers are getting antsy themselves and starting end of the year countdowns.  Yet, that just magnifies the problem. Could that be the case in your school? I’ve been part of the education system for a very long time, and I must say that such countdowns were not common at one point in time. Of course, teaching was easier then, too!

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Tip 1: Minimize showing your own desire for summer to your students.


We all look forward to the summer! But instead of counting down when testing is over, try to consider this an opportunity! (I know, it is hard!).


Tip 2: Use this time of year to do all of the functional, fun application activities that you used to have more time to do!

  • Pick a theme and brainstorm how many different skills you can work into activities related to that theme. 
  • Literacy activities are basics! Have your students retell the story to check for comprehension.  This lets you see how well they are independently using sentence structures and speech sounds you have worked on. Have them ask each other questions for a change of pace with WH questions.
  • Cooking activities help with following directions, eliciting verbs and spatial concepts, and turn-taking skills.  Plus, it’s just plain fun!
  • Play activities with toys related to a theme are a great way to get language samples and articulation use.  See if your students apply skills learned this year.
  • Word games can be incorporated to elicit category, vocabulary, describing, and phonemic or articulation skills. Play I Spy with My Little Eye using a busy picture related to your theme.  Try I’m going to __ and I need something that starts with (sound).


  • Movie or song-based activities are great for older students, especially if you let them choose their favorites! Just about any skill which you can elicit with literacy activities will also work when using movie clips or song lyrics.
speech therapy tips for the end of the school year

Tip 3: Change it up!

Whatever your usual working style, step out of your comfort zone and try a change of pace! The end of the school year is a great time for you to explore new ways of working with your students.

Not only will it add to your skill base, but your students may like doing something different, especially if you are including activities that require computer technology skills.  Then you will feel more comfortable adding these activities into your therapy the following year.

Did you see this post which has links to great websites to explore? Maybe one of these will be perfect to try out!


If you are concerned about how to take data with less structured activities think about these ideas.


Whatever you try, have some fun with it! Your students will thank you!


Summer Time HelpTips and freebies for the end of the school year and summer carryover from The Frenzied SLPs!

We don’t want our kids to backslide over the summer, and neither do parents.

Thanks to The Frenzied SLPS for organizing this Summer Speech Carryover to give a variety of great tips to help us all out!

I know that while I was working, I could find plenty of help for my students working closer to grade level, but what about our students who are on the autism spectrum or communicating minimally?

We certainly don’t want them to backslide! The added difficulty in coming up with a summer plan for these students is the uniqueness of their skills and needs. This calendar is about routines. Tips for how to start or maintain routines in the summer. Ideas for how to build some communication skills into your daily routines. No extra work is needed!

It is easy to use this FREE Home Practice Calendar! And it can be used all year long to make your SLP life easier!

Easy Home Practice Freebie

Make it easy for families to practice communication skills at home! Print and personalize, if you'd like!

Fingers crossed! It is processing!

Welcome to LLL! An email with the link is on its way to your inbox. Then be sure to open your monthly newsletter to get the FREE page password. Both the password and the freebies change monthly. Enjoy your freebies! Linda@LooksLikeLanguage

Be sure to click here to get more useful tips to help you out this summer from The Frenzied SLPS!

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