End of the Year Games

End of the Year Games

Need some help for the end of the school year? Some years, your usual therapy routines just don’t cut it at the end of the year. This is one of those years for me! What to do? How about changing it up a little?  Check out these end of the year games!

In my speech room this year, we are playing lots of online games to review skills after some ‘work’ is done. I have a complete post on this topic at Speech Spotlight- catch it here!

There’s More …

For my loyal readers, here are a few more ideas:


Decide which question word fits the answer.  What where who why when which how grammar activity.


Read a short passage and roll the cube to answer varied WH questions about it.  Blue ribbon games.



Sequence the words to form a sentence.  Sentence structure activity.
Add more words to make sentences more interesting.  Sentence magic.
end of the year games

Do you like these? Then be sure to see my other post at Speech Spotlight!

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