10 Fantastic Free Resources for Customizing Vocabulary Work

10 Fantastic Free Resources for Customizing Vocabulary Work

Links to useful free vocabulary resources from Looks-Like-Language

If your caseload is anything like mine, you need to have lots of resources to teach and maintain new skills, including vocabulary! I use picture task cards, games and activities to teach new vocabulary.  Yet, I like to have other resources on hand for homework and reviewing skills throughout the year. I explain and expose my students to any new vocabulary we encounter in discussions, stories and activities.  This ensures comprehension.  Still, I like to target specific, functional words for vocabulary goals.

Vocabulary Choice

When choosing the vocabulary to target for students each year, there are some factors I usually consider.

  • Preschool students always need to increase vocabulary in basic categories and seasonal events.

  • Life skill students need: 
    • themes addressed by the special education teacher that year or
    • vocabulary related to specific job skills (if the students will have work programs)

  • Older, low functioning students who are still being tested academically need vocabulary that :
    • can be addressed all year long or
    • is applied to varied stories and academic work
    • relates to the other speech/language goals for the year
      • For example, vocabulary for reading comprehension, such as cause-effect, problem-solution, and fact-opinion usually ties in to both reading skills and language goals, making it easy to apply the vocabulary all year long.

Because I target specific words, I especially like to find sites that let you customize your word lists.  Read along for fun general vocabulary sites, too!

Online Vocabulary Links

Free Picture Vocabulary Card Downloads

Boggles World ESL Flashcards

ESL Kids Lab Flashcards


Free Games and Power Points to Customize

Play Kids Vocabulary Games

Ed Tech Network

Ed Games Power Point

Class Tools



Free Worksheets to Customize

The Teachers Corner Worksheets

Tools for Educators

Discovery Education Puzzlemaker

There are so many good vocabulary resources available online. Did I miss your favorite? Please share in the comments! I hope you find these resources useful!

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