How to Keep Students with Autism Focused (& a FREEBIE!)

Keeping your students with autism or special needs focused until the work is complete can be tough. But there is a solution that can help!

Token boards visually give the message of how much work you expect students to do. This helps motivate them to keep on working. Token boards are typically used with students with autism, but they can help many special education students stay focused until the work is done.

There’s a lot of research to support this. Just search the term ‘token economies’ and you’ll find plenty to read.

Why use token boards?

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Some students only look at token boards to see that they are getting closer to receiving their reinforcer.  Other students can focus and work a little longer when their token board has a preferred theme.  Just having the picture of their preferred things acts as a mini reinforcer until the work is complete.  And if your student can appropriately move the token independently, it is even more rewarding.

I hope that these free token boards will help your students stay focused!

How to Individualize Token Boards

One of the token boards in the set has a superhero theme. This is great for students who love comics to stay focused. I can’t use specific superheroes in this download.  But you can easily print pictures of your student’s favorite superhero character in a 1 inch size and replace the tokens that come with the free set.

Make the token boards you use as specific to your students’ interests as possible. The more your student likes it, the more likely it is that your student will be motivated to stay focused and get those superheroes moving!

Download the free token boards, plus super-helpful tips, in the Getting Started with Autism guide here.
autism, speech therapy, special education, token boards, visual schedules, special education
Don’t miss out on this awesome free resource!

Be sure to read more easy tips on how to use token boards! Enjoy!

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